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What Thinktrek Logistics Can Do For You

Thinktrek Logistics offers a full range of Logistics Transportation ranging from Land Transport to Warehousing which can reduce your cost & increase your profit potential.
We integrate our comprehensive services & customize solutions tailored to your unique business requirement & objective.


Why choose Thinktrek Logistics?

At Thinktrek , logistics management is our expertise. We’ve been doing it for years and have every intention to maintain and grow our company. We understand that each client has a different strategy, goal and objective, and work to tailor the perfect solution. With our proven track record, we are able to minimize operational costs through our optimized service delivery models and processing technologies.
You can rest assured that we at Thinktrek strive toward achieving consistent quality results to help your company advance.


Warehouse & Storage Space

With various warehouses located at the Eastern part of Singapore, Thinktrek Logistics offered a wide range of short term & long term leasing option to meet your needs.
These warehouses are equipped with 24hour CCTV, Security & Insurance (Fire & Theft) to ensure that your cargoes are safely stored.
Loading bays with docks and forklifts are also in place for us to perform stuffing & unstuffing operation at our warehouse.